Annual Presentation Evening 2015

Friday 16th October 2015 saw our Annual Presentation Evening take place and what a fantastic night it was!

Lots of hopeful BADGERS attended for the award ceremony, raffle, games and food....and here are the results:

Voted for by Club members

Chatterbox BADGER - Clare Whetton
Humorous BADGER - Chris Horton
Late BADGER - Nicki Bowman
Newcomer BADGER - Mark Williams
Beginners BADGER - Leesa Dennis
Spirit of the BADGER - Rachel Crump
Runners BADGER - Danny Warren

Voted for by BADGERS Managing Group

Most committed BADGER - Danny Warren
Most Improved BADGER - Rachael Bunting
BADGER of the Year - Danny Warren

Also David Jackson won this years Mile Master completing a crazy 2567.46 miles, since the 01/08/2014 - 31/09/2015

Road League Awards

Men's Runner of the Year - Danny Warren
Ladies Runner of the Year - Rachael Bunting

Cross Country Awards

Men's Runner of the Year - Danny Warren
Ladies Runner of the Year - Serena Baker

In addition a medal was awarded to every BADGER that participated in a league race or cross country for the club in 2014/15 season.

Standard Time Awards

Bronze - Merit
Rachael Bunting
David Earp
Richard Hill
Adrian Payne
Ashley Taylor

Silver - Merit
Alan Argyle
Serena Baker
David Craig
Karen Thompson
Stephanie White

Gold - Merit
Chris Horton
David Jackson
Danny Warren

Silver - Distinction
Chris Horton

Gold - Distinction
Anne Wells

Chris Horton - Humorous BADGER 2014/15 Clare Whetton - Chatterbox BADGER 2014/15

Chris Horton

Clare Whetton

Nicki Bowman - Late BADGER 2014/15 Mark Williams - Newcomer BADGER 2014/15

Nicki Bowman

Mark Williams

Leesa Dennis - Beginner BADGER 2014/15 Rachel Crump - Spirit of the BADGER 2014/15

Leesa Dennis

Rachel Crump

Danny Warren - BADGER of the Year 2014/15, Runners BADGER 2014/15, Most Committed BADGER 2014/15, Male Road League 2014/15, Cross Country 2014/15 Rachael Bunting - Most Improved BADGER 2014/15 & Female Road League 2014/15

Danny Warren

Rachael Bunting

David Jackson - Mile Master 2014/15 Serena Baker - Female Cross Country 2014/15

David Jackson

Serena Baker