Annual Presentation Evening 2016

Annual Presentation Evening 2016

Saturday 22nd October 2016 saw our Annual Presentation Evening take place and what a fantastic night it was for all!

Lots of hopeful BADGERS attended for the... pizza!

Voted for by Club Members

Chatterbox BADGER - Clare Whetton (again...)
Humorous BADGER - Chris Horton
Late BADGER - Nicki Bowman (again...)
Gurner of the Year - David Jackson
Newcomer BADGER - Glyn Broadhurst
Beginner BADGER - Teresa Buck
Spirit of the BADGER - Rachel Crump
BADGERS Role Model - Alan Argyle
Runners BADGER - Danny Warren
RunLeader of the Year - Nivette Chester

Mile Master - Damo Taylor (2944 Mi)
Mile Mistress - Liz Peel (880.5 Mi)

Voted for by BADGERS Managing Group

Most Committed BADGER - Karen Thompson
Most Improved BADGER
 - Hannah Burgess
BADGER of the Year - Alan Argyle

Special Recognition

Chairperson's Special Recognition Award - Ted Franklin

Captain Awards

Road League Outstanding Performance (Male) - Gyln Broadhurst
Road League Outstanding Performance (Female) - Janet Crumpton

Cross Country League Outstanding Performance (Male)- Eamon Thawley
Cross Country League Outstanding Performance (Female) - Angela Stallings


Cross Country 100%
Eamon Thawley
Dewi Powell

Winter Road League 100%
Ashley Taylor
Danny Warren
Rachael Bunting

Summer Road League 100%
Danny Warren
Glyn Broadhurst
John Hanson
Rachael Bunting
Rob Boland

In addition a medal was awarded to every BADGER that participated in a league race or cross country for the club in 2015/16 season.

Standard Time Awards

Copper (Merit)
Vicky Cawley
Paul Grubb
Jason Husselbee-Orwin
Luke Miles
Chelsea Wilson

Copper (Distinction)
Leesa Dennis

Bronze (Merit)
Serena Baker
Nicki Bowman
Patrick Cleall
Robert Crow
Joanne Davies
Leesa Dennis
Jo James
Colin Lees
Judy Parkes
Liz Peel
Beverley Spencer
Amy Stredder
Ashley Taylor
Clare Whetton

Bronze (Distinction)
Robert Boland
Rachael Bunting
Janet Crumpton
Karen Missen

Silver (Merit)
Aaron Chetwynd
David Craig
John Hanson
Richard Hill
Adrian Payne
Maggi Savin-Baden

Silver (Distinction)
Alan Argyle
Anne Wells

Gold (Merit)
Glyn Broadhurst
Rachel Crump
Ian Smith
Anne Wells

Gold (Distinction)
Martyn Barrett
Chris Horton
David Jackson
Danny Warren

Platinum (Merit)
Martyn Barrett

Chris Horton - Humorous BADGER 2015/16 Clare Whetton - Chatterbox BADGER 2015/16

Chris Horton

Clare Whetton

Gyln Broadhurst - Newcomer BADGER 2015/16 Rachel Crump - Spirit of the BADGER 2015/16

Gyln Broadhurst

Rachel Crump

Eamon Thawley - Cross Country League Outstanding Performance 2015/16 Hannah Burgess - Most Improved BADGER 2015/16 & Female Road League 2015/16

Eamon Thawley

Hannah Burgess

Nivette Chester - RunLeader of the Year Danny Warren - Runners BADGER 2015/16

Nivette Chester

Danny Warren

Alan Argyle - BADGER of the Year 2015/16 & BADGER Role Model TedFranklin - Chairperson's Special Recognition Award 2015/16

Alan Argyle

Ted Franklin