New Kit FAQ's

What is the Launch Offer?

For a limited time (offer end 30th November 2017) every member can buy one item of the new kit for just £5, the club is kindly subsidising the rest of the cost! On top of that, if at the same time you wish to order any additional items, they will discounted to the same price as the old kit, at just £15 each!

This means you can buy a Vest and T-Shirt for a total of £20 – What a bargain!

Why does the offer end on the 30th November?

The production time for the new kit is 8 – 10 weeks, so in order to get the kit back in time for the start of the Winter Road League we need to submit the order at the start of December 2017.

Can I have the new kit now?

The new kit is now available to collect from David Bailey.

How much is the new kit once the offer is over?

Vests will cost £20
T-Shirts will cost £24

These prices will come into effect 1st December 2017

Why is the kit going up in price?

We have changed supplier to get a high quality kit, however this also means that the cost will increase slightly.

Can I wear the new kit for Cross County?

No you can’t, we realise you are keen to wear the new kit but unfortunately because we started the season wearing out old kit, we need to wear this for the rest of the 2017/18 season.

Can I wear the old kit for the Road League?

No you can’t wear the old kit. As of the start of the Winter Road League, we will all need to wear the new kit in order to take part.

Can I still wear my old kit?

Yes of cause you can. Outside of League or Championship races you are free to wear which ever version of the kit you wish.

What kit for what race?

2017/18 Derby Runner Cross Country League – Old Kit
2018 LRRL Winter Season – New Kit
2018 LRRL Summer Season – New Kit

Parkrun – Any
Other Races - Any

Is the kit the same sizes as before?

No it's a new supplier, and therefore the sizes are different. The sizes do differ a little form Vest to T-Shirt so it's worth checking both.

Scimitar Size Guide

We also have samples of every male and female size, these will be available to try on at Training and Social Run until the end of the November.

I have recently joined and ordered kit with my membership.

You have ordered the new kit, this is also now available to collect. When collecting please mention that your order was via membership and not the launch offer. if you haven't not yet paid, you will not be able to collect your kit.

Note: If you wish to take part in in the current Cross County season (Oct '17 - Mar '18), you will still need the old kit in order to do this, speak to one of the captains who will be able to find one for you to borrow.