Derby Runner Cross Country League - Race 3

Race Information

Race: Bagworth Heath Woods

Club: Desford Striders

Date: Sunday 1st December 2013

Time: Junior Race 10:30am, Senior Race 11:00am

Distance: 6.2 Miles

Entry Fee: Senior £3 - Pay on the day to our captains

Venue: Bagworth Heath Woods

Address: Bagworth Heath Woods, Heath Road, Bagworth, Coalville LE67 1DL

Lift Share: We will be meeting at Harry Hedgehogs at 9:30am (leaving 9:40am prompt) and travel over together!



The Derby Runner Cross Country League

These races are CLOSED events, ie only members of affiliated clubs can take part. If you are a member of a club not in the Derby Runner Cross Country League, you can join one that is as a second claimer. Occasionally, at the rare and sole discretion of Dave Mann, guest runners may be allowed – any guest runner will not score points for a team.

Team Events:
Men's event: 8 men (including 2 vets)
Ladies event: 4 ladies (including 1 vet)
Combined event: 7 men (including 2 vets) and 3 ladies (including 1 vet)

Please make your team aware of the following:

  • Runners, MUST return their finishing disks
  • Runners must run in club kit
  • NO Earphones MP3s or other devices - it makes insurance invalid
  • At stiles if you jump any queue, you and your team will be disqualified
  • Host clubs are to make sure that all marshals know the mobile phone number of the first aid co-ordinator
  • Host clubs are to make sure that the children’s race has hares and/or marshals
  • Please turn up early and car share
  • Finally, enjoy


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Age Cat


1 28 00:31:01 SEN Damo Taylor
2 67 00:33:03  SEN Chris Horton 
3 116 00:35:03 V50 Martyn Barrett
4 157 00:37:01 V40 Carl Holyoak
5 182 00:38:50 V40 Neil  Gourlay
6 195 00:39:23 V40 Addie Kirkham
7 197 00:39:29 SEN Simon  Butlin 
8 208 00:40:08  SEN Chris Upton
9 218 00:40:58 SEN Richard Hill
10 277 00:57:03 V50 Peter Wells





Age Cat


1 27 00:39:41  SEN Monica Lampart
2 46 00:41:17 V40 Esther Mccullgh
3 58 00:43:02 V40 Stephanie  White
4 104 00:47:47  SEN Ria Baxendale
5 107 00:47:52  SEN Claire Wood
6 110 00:48:01  SEN Serena Baker