BADGER of the Week

BADGER of the Week
Each week one runner is chosen from each training session to receive the much coveted 'BADGER of the Week' title. The title is awarded by the RunLeaders and is determined on effort, attainment, motivation and supporting others.

Congratulations to the following...

Group A - 12/09/17
Danny Warren & Dave Jenkinson

Group B - 12/09/17
Zoe Yateman

Group C - 12/09/17
Lucy McElhone

Group A - 05/09/17
Matt Green

Group B - 05/09/17
Debbie Wilson

Group C - 05/09/17

Group A - 29/08/17

Group B - 29/08/17
Lorna Jackson & Bex Dehenney

Group C - 29/08/17
Claire Bradford