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Results - Week Ending 2018/01/28

posted 6 Feb 2018, 23:25 by Webmaster BADGERS


Lliswerry 8 (Danny Warren, Rachael Bunting & Aaron Chetwynd) - BADGERS
Another busy week of running for the BADGERS and some club records have been made!  This week, Danny Warren, Rachael Bunting & Aaron Chetwynd all ran the Lliswerry 8 mile race.  Danny Warren finished in 15th place, with a personal best and club record of 45:32 mins!  Shortly after followed Aaron Chetwynd in position 34 with a personal best of 48:39mins!  Racheal crossed the finish line with a personal best and club record of 1 Hour 7 Mins!

Whilst club records were being broken in Wales, some of our other members took part in the Gayton 10K race in Northampton.  Colin Lees finished the 10K in 46:56 mins; Ian Orton was 72nd over the line with a personal best time of 50:54 mins!  Rebecca Kinson also completed the race with a great time of 54:07 mins, Yvonne Faulkner crossed the finish line at 55:22 mins, Eamon Thawley who has recently returned to running after injury also completed the run with a time of 58 mins.  Well done all!

Pete and Anne Wells also competed over the weekend at the Staverton 10 Mile race, Anne crossed the finish line at 1 Hour 34 Mins and Pete was not far behind and finished with a time of 1 Hour 45 Mins!

Many of our members also completed Park Runs over the weekend in various locations, in Coventry Claire Bradford finished with a time of 39:26 mins, Bethany & Holly Matts also ran and crossed the finish line at 59:24 mins!  In Worcester, Jonathan Davies completed the 5K run in 25:50 mins!

A few of our BADGERS ventured over to Conkers Park Run this weekend, Chris Baxter finished with a fantastic time of 17:16mins, Terry & Alan Argyle finished in 31:51 mins, Clare Thomas also ran and crossed the finish line at 33:45 mins, shortly after followed Paul Cooper at 38:14 mins!

Yvonne Faulkner completed Stratford-upon-Avon Park Run in 32:08 mins, whilst Jared Karim & Richard Hill ran at Poolsbrook Park Run and finished with great times of 23:28 mins (Jared) and 25:15 mins (Richard)!

At our home park run in Kingsbury, many BADGERS took part including, David Jackson with a fantastic time of 17:59 mins in 3rd place, Scott Cheg was not far behind with a great time of 18:12 mins along with Matthew Tonks at 18:14 mins and Jonathan Vardy crossed the finish line at 19:37 mins.  More BADGERS who took part in the 5K run included: Mark Repton (21:05 mins), Shaun Coyle (21:14 mins), Esther McCullagh (21:54 mins), Tim Gould (22:09 mins), Monika Lampart (22:36 mins), David Craig (22:56 mins), Liz Peel (25:12 mins), Stuart Batchelor (26:02 mins), Paul Restall (27:09 mins), Fay Casey (27:12 mins), Darryl Johnson (27:16 mins), John Hanson (28:03 mins), Richard Hamblett (29:33 mins), Karen Missen (30:50 mins) Amanda Gould (32:06 mins), Clare Hutton (35:39 mins), Gill Holmes (38:29 mins).  Teresa Buck (46:14 mins), David Buck (46:15 mins) and Sharon Whitehead (49:15 mins) also completed the 5K run! Well done everyone!

BADGER of the Week

Group A - 23/01/18
Neil Clemons

Group B - 23/01/18
Helen Tibby, Rachel Shelton, Dave Jarvis & Michael Morton

Group C - 23/01/18
Sue Wilson & Jacob Brotherhood