Bradgate Park

2014/15 Derby Runner XC League - Race 4

Race: Bradgate Park

Club: Roadhoggs Leicester AC

Date: Sunday 18th January 2015

Time: Junior Race 10:30am, Men's Race 10:55am, Ladies Race 11:05am

Distance: 5.4 Miles (Maps - Lap1, Lap 2)

Entry Fee: £4 per runner, including £1 to cover parking and the use of Bradgate Park

Venue: Bradgate Park

Address: Bradgate Park, Bradgate Road, Leicester LE6 0HB

Lift Share: We will be meeting at Harry Hedgehogs for 8:50am (leaving 9:00am prompt) and travel over together!

Bradgate Park Cross Country 2015 - BADGERS


Use Bradgate Park overflow car park, as directed by marshals. Tents may be pitched alongside, it is a short walk to the start of the race, through the pedestrian gate left of the main gate. There are no changing facilities, there are public toilets in the car park.

Parking is at your own risk.

Please do not park in Newtown Linford village.

Please do not leave any litter in the car parks.

Childrens Race (Map here)

1 or 2 laps of approx. 0.8 miles, hilly.

Main Race (Maps - Lap1, Lap 2)

The course consists of 2 laps totalling 5.4 miles. The second lap is shorter than the first. The course is hilly, and some sections are uneven, rocky underfoot, or have tree roots on the surface. Please take care and obey marshal’s instructions around the course. Spikes or studs may be worn.

You participate in this race at your own risk. This is a country park, please do not leave any litter anywhere.

Message from Roadhoggs

As the weather is deteriorating towards the weekend, we may have limited car parking space at Bradgate Park. If we cannot use the overflow car parks, which are on grass. We will have to use the main car park which is also used by the public, it's a pay car park (£3). If we have to use the main car park, you will be given on entry a permit to display so will not have to buy a ticket. Please would runners help by sharing cars wherever possible to reduce the number of cars on the day.


The Derby Runner Cross Country League

These races are CLOSED events, ie only members of affiliated clubs can take part. If you are a member of a club not in the Derby Runner Cross Country League, you can join one that is as a second claimer. Occasionally, at the rare and sole discretion of Dave Mann, guest runners may be allowed – any guest runner will not score points for a team.

Team Events

Men's event: 8 men (including 2 vets)

Ladies event: 4 ladies (including 1 vet)

Combined event: 7 men (including 2 vets) and 3 ladies (including 1 vet)

Please make your team aware of the following:

  • Runners, MUST return their finishing disks
  • Runners must run in club kit
  • NO Earphones MP3s or other devices - it makes insurance invalid
  • At stiles if you jump any queue, you and your team will be disqualified
  • Host clubs are to make sure that all marshals know the mobile phone number of the first aid co-ordinator
  • Host clubs are to make sure that the children’s race has hares and/or marshals
  • Please turn up early and car share
  • Finally, enjoy


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League Tables

Men's - League 2

Ladies - League 2

Team - League 2